Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Garden Day

This year I started my first garden. Since we are househunting for our first 'home', I started with containers and planned to get them in the ground when we moved in. Our househunt has taken longer than we expected, so we are container-bound for the duration of the growing season at this point. My 'garden' has been keeping me busy with planting, repotting, watering, and loving. I started most of my plants from seed, and after 6 weeks we still have most of them. I was shocked because I have a brown thumb. I may be a biologist and nature lover, but I am not great with plants. I am really trying to keep these plants alive and seem to be succeeding... but today may be beginning of the downfall of my 24 organic Beefsteak tomato plants. I have been growing them under lights in our guest room for over a month and decided to start hardening off a few to see how they would do. I picked the four biggest plants to be the guinea pigs, while the other 20 or so remain under lights.

We'll see how they turn out. On a positive garden note, my cherry tomato plant has 2 baby tomatoes and my Tendergreen bush beans have tiny baby beans!

I have quite the little helper in the garden too!

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